Upset With Your Cable Provider?

Upset With Your Cable Provider?

MACC works to see that consumers get the goods and services they pay for.

You should always contact your cable provider first and give them an opportunity to resolve the dispute. If you cannot resolve the dispute with your cable provider, please contact MACC. We will make every attempt to resolve your dispute with your cable television provider. Also, you may find helpful information in our Tips for Getting Good Service article.


How To File a Cable Related Complaint with MACC

Every effort should be made to contact your cable provider and allow them to resolve the dispute.

MACC is the local government authority enforcing the cable television franchises in this area. Customer service standards, technical (performance) standards and construction standards are some of the major areas where MACC offers consumer protection. MACC has no authority to resolve Broadband or Telephone problems but we are happy to help you with referrals to the appropriate company or agency.

MACC is legally prohibited from regulating programming issues, such as the networks or channels offered by Comcast, Frontier, or CenturyLink. The FCC has deregulated rates in most of the MACC area.

Use our online Cable Provider Complaint Form below or call MACC Consumer Relations at 503-645-7365.

Cable Provider Complaint Form