What We Do

cable photoMACC administers three cable franchises  facilitating regional telecommunications. The franchise agreements Consumer Protection Standards require specific telephone answering, complaint resolution, and system repair services. In addition, the franchises have strict construction and installation standards to keep pace with the rapid residential development in our area.

Consumer Support

MACC works to see that consumers receive the services they pay for and that their concerns are resolved quickly. You should always contact CenturyLink, Comcast or Frontier first and give them an opportunity to resolve the problem. If you cannot resolve the problem with Comcast or Frontier, contact MACC. MACC will make every attempt to resolve your problem with your cable television provider.

Rate Regulation

Effective in 2014, MACC was pre-empted from regulating most cable service rates by the FCC. The FCC has determined that the MACC area has sufficient competition to constrain rates. More: Cable Service Rates

Service Standards

MACC enforces a rigid set of customer service standards.  Offices and telephones must be staffed adequately to serve subscribers, appointments must be kept, outages must be fixed within 24 hours, and television signals must be strong. MACC monitors these and other standards to ensure subscribers get what they pay for.

Service Problems

Subscribers with complaints about their cable service are urged to contact the Cable Company first. If dissatisfied with the Cable Company's response, please contact MACC for assistance in resolving the complaint.