Be Alert To Extra Costs

Be Alert To Extra Costs

Comcast, Frontier and almost all telecommunications companies have marketing strategies that emphasize customers’ initial cost of service. But customers soon find out that their first bill is higher than they anticipated – and sometimes they get a big surprise six months or a year later.

Watch for three things when ordering new or upgraded services:

1. Equipment costs
2. The price for the same services after the introductory cost
3. Fees and taxes


Tips for Getting Good Service

phoneHelpful Tips for Getting Good Service from Your Cable Provider

  1. If you have a question or problem, always contact your cable company first.
  2. Though you may be frustrated, please be courteous with the customer service representative.
  3. Always get the name of the customer service representative who handles your call and take notes.
  4. Give the customer service representative the name on the Comcast or Frontier account. (Since Federal law prohibits cable companies from giving account information to anyone but the account holder,  it may be helpful to have the account holder contact the cable company directly or to have more than one person listed on the account.) 
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