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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MACC and what do they do?

MACC manages three cable television franchises for 15 jurisdictions in the Washington County and Clackamas County areas. MACC encourages competition in telecommunications and works to ensure that cable customers get good service from their provider. MACC also oversees the Public Communications Network (PCN) a public fiber network that links police, fire, other public safety, and government buildings at a reduced cost.

What is the “Franchise Fee” on my bill?

Cable companies pass through certain costs of doing business directly to their customers.  The Franchise Fee recoups the rent companies’ pay for using public rights of way to deliver service.  The amount varies from 5% to 6% of the cable bill and is capped at that amount by federal law.

What is the PEG/PCN fee on my bill and what does it go toward?
The PEG/PCN fee on MACC area customers’ bills support public, educational and government access channel programming.  For information about those channels, visit TVCTV.  All PEG channels are commitments made by the cable operator and directly passed through to their customers.  The fee also supports the cost and development of the Public Communications Network (PCN)
What is the "Broadcast TV Fee" on my bill?

Cable companies pass through the cost to retransmit local broadcast channels by itemizing a portion of the cost as a “Broadcast TV Fee.”  By federal law, cable companies are required to offer local broadcast television stations, but they are not required to itemize the cost on bills.   

What is the "Regional Sports Fee" on my bill?

Like the “Broadcast TV Fee cable companies use the “Regional Sports Fee” to pass through a portion of the cost of sports channels.  This only applies to packages that carry sports channels.  There is no regulation requiring cable companies to itemize this cost.

Why does my "Broadcast TV" and "Regional Sports" fees keep increasing?

Cable companies use these fees to recoup a portion of their cost for broadcast and sports channels.  As those cost increase, the cable companies increase the fees.  Cable companies claim itemizing these fees is a way to be more transparent with customers about the factors that drive price changes.  While the fees do provide transparency, they also provide a loophole for cable companies to be able to advertise rates lower than what customers actually pay and raise rates on customers under contract.  Some states have filed lawsuits against cable companies to protect customers from this practice and MACC has petitioned the Oregon Attorney General to protect Oregon customers and take action against this practice.

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